June 6, 2001

LinuxFund.org funds new projects

Author: JT Smith

Josh Black writes "The latest grant cycle for LinuxFund.org has just come to a close. This round we have chosen 5 projects to be funded a total amount of $5,000. The projects funded for this round are:

GNUpdate Christian Hammond
OpenDecoder Andrew Henderson
Leviathan Project: A GNU Library System Donald Cowart
Ocularis JP Schnapper Casteras
Simple DirectMedia Layer Sam Lantinga

For detailed descriptions of these projects please visit our website: http://www.linuxfund.org. LinuxFund.org is a non-profit organization that funds open source developments by raising money through its official LinuxFund.org creditcard. Please submit any project ideas by completing a grant application on our website and sign up for the credit card today and help support the Linux community."

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