November 14, 2001 opens its doors

Author: JT Smith

Peter Kis writes: " is a Linux community meeting place
for the German-speaking world."As Linux is becoming an increasingly strong force
in the old world's IT industry, we felt it was high
time to create a meeting place for Linux users and
professionals in Europe's German speaking areas.

LinuxGear is offering the full range of features a
community member might expect from a Linux
portal. We have the world's top Linux and Open
Source news connected with background information
and tutorials for beginners and professionals alike.

Our site is community supported and therefore
non-commercial, reflecting our own and the
community's views on software rights and patents.
We strongly believe that software should be
free and freely accessible for everyone, everywhere.

For further enquiries please visit us at
or write to

This press release can also be found on our website:
Press release"

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