February 17, 2001

LinuxGram: We stand by our SuSE story

Author: JT Smith

"I was less than amused - livid in fact - to learn that ZDNet is all thumbs when it comes to computers and couldn't find my story on our
LinuxGram site when it's there in plain sight and has been since it broke. They wrote that I must have retracted it - without checking of
course - too old school. Remind me to tell them our techs don't even think one can get an "invalid article" message.

Anyway, after the story broke, the Register scooted over to interview Volker, who was busy telling anyone who would listen how I had
misquoted him. The Register in turn quoted Volker - at the top of its story - as telling them, "I've laid off 30 of my best friends. That doesn't
feel good. I was emotionally moved and this lady took advantage."

So, let me understand this now. Volker admits in print that he let his guard down." Read more from Maureen at LinuxGram.


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