October 27, 2006

LinuxIT becomes first UK partner of US-based Spike

Ev Milker writes "London, UK, 24th October 2006 - LinuxIT have today announced their exclusive UK partnership with SpikeSource, a leading provider of business-ready open source solutions.

US-based SpikeSource distributes, integrates, manages and supports open source applications to enterprises through trusted solution providers.

Peter Dawes-Huish, CEO at LinuxIT, says: “Our customers rely on LinuxIT to keep their open source systems patched and to apply updates when appropriate. This effort has demanded a constant investment as new versions and updates of open source software are being released frequently. When SpikeSource approached us about a potential partnership, it seemed a natural fit, enabling us to provide enterprise-ready functionality to our customers at low cost, and at a much lower level of complexity.

He adds: “LinuxIT’s aim is it to make it simple for our customers to integrate and deploy open source solution stacks that are tested and supported, secure in the knowledge that the users benefit from easy-to-order, low-cost subscription models. Through our partnership with SpikeSource, we are able to do just that, bringing business ready open source solutions to SMEs and large enterprises.”

Mark Baker, Partner Manager at SpikeSource Europe, adds: “While open source alternatives provide new opportunities for SMEs and large enterprises previously unable to implement enterprise applications due to the prohibitive cost of proprietary solutions, many SMEs lack the requisite skills and experience to implement raw open source applications. Addressing this, SpikeSource is working with LinuxIT Europe to reduce the amount of time and internal resources previously dedicated to installing, configuring and maintaining software solutions based on open source infrastructure and applications. The applications are pre-configured, integrated, tested and maintained by us and our partners, for simplified deployment.”

About LinuxIT Europe
LinuxIT Europe is a leading independent provider of IT Infrastructure integrating Linux and Open Source solutions with Microsoft and other vendors’ technologies. LinuxIT is the UK Powerhouse of Linux expertise with consultants forming the backbone to the services of most of the best known names in IT.

Our aim is to work in partnership with our customers to identify the best IT solution to the business problems, and assist in implementing the solution most appropriate to the customer’s business and technical needs.

As IT infrastructure experts, our knowledge includes all of the commonly used operating systems and applications from most of the hardware and software vendors, ranging from Microsoft to Red Hat. As independent consultants our recommendations may include any or all of these vendors’ solutions irrespective of personal prejudice. LinuxIT’s customers are predominantly SMEs across the entire spectrum of vertical market sectors.
For more information, visit www.linuxit.com

For further information, please contact:
Ev Milker
Marketing and PR Manager
Tel: +44 (0)117 905 8718
e-mail: evm@linuxit.com

About SpikeSource
SpikeSource is a software company which distributes, integrates, manages and supports open source applications to enterprises through trusted solution providers. SpikeSource integrates applications with the right components and then builds, tests and distributes these open source solutions on an automated test framework with over 100,000 daily tests. By testing and certifying open source applications, SpikeSource offers a portfolio of SpikeCertified and SpikeIgnited solutions for enterprises that may not have deployed open source before. These solutions are delivered with a comprehensive update and support service called Spike™ Net. Through SpikeSource's trusted solution providers, companies can be assured that the applications have been deployed and customized for their unique business requirements. For a list of SpikeSource solution providers, visit www.spikesource.com."

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