September 15, 2005

LinuxIT helps Windows users manage Linux

Ev Milker writes "LinuxIT today announced a newly formed, UK exclusive partnership with QCD Microsystems. The relationship enables LinuxIT to offer InterStructures, the first Linux System Administration platform using MMC (Microsoft Management Console) based GUIs, to the UK and continental Europe.

Even though the momentum of Linux adoptions is increasing steadily, many companies are still having reservations about switching to the open source alternative to Windows. One of the main obstacles for the deployment of Linux based applications is the question about support. Despite the abundance of service offerings from distribution vendors, many companies are still reluctant to change. Retraining existing Windows network administrators to the open source alternative is perceived to cause too much of a disruption to the business to warrant the migration.

In its quest to support the growth of Linux in the UK and the continental European market, LinuxIT has decided to partner with QCD Microsystems to bridge that gap. QCD Microsystems’ solution InterStructures is a complete server administration platform with intuitive GUI consoles that enable both Linux and Windows experts to quickly configure and administer heterogeneous corporate networks.

"InterStructures is a great tool for managing a Samba/Linux file and print server from a Windows workstation using the familiar MMC console. This is the tool network administrators have been waiting for" said John Terpstra, Samba-Team Member
and Author of The Official Samba-3 HOWTO.

“We are very happy to have the support of LinuxIT, the leading Linux services provider and system integrator in the UK“ said David Finkelstein, Marketing Director of QCD Microsystems. “The company has the relevant experience servicing businesses with heterogeneous environments, and will be the perfect partner for us to expand into Europe.”
Peter Dawes-Huish, Chief Executive Officer of LinuxIT, added: ”InterStructures is an ideal addition to our solution stack. Now we can offer modules that make it easy for users to configure Linux based services from inside a Windows environment. Linux based back-ends can be managed with existing Microsoft tools, in addition to the InterStructures plugins. In other words, Windows-trained administrators can for example manage a Linux/Samba server using their familiar Windows based tools, without knowing anything about Linux. This technology will allow companies to better leverage and deploy existing IT staff, save costs on training, and ultimately eliminate another one of the barriers for businesses to adopt Linux.”
For pricing and availability, please contact LinuxIT on +44 (0)117 905 8718,

About LinuxIT Europe

LinuxIT Europe is a leading independent provider of IT Infrastructure integrating Linux and Open Source solutions with Microsoft and other vendors’ technologies. LinuxIT is the UK Powerhouse of Linux expertise with consultants forming the backbone to the services of most of the best known names in IT.

Our aim is to work in partnership with our customers to identify the best IT solution to the business problems, and assist in implementing the solution most appropriate to the customer’s business and technical needs.

As IT infrastructure experts, our knowledge includes all of the commonly used operating systems and applications from most of the hardware and software vendors, ranging from Microsoft to RedHat. As independent consultants our recommendations may include any or all of these vendors’ solutions irrespective of personal prejudice. LinuxIT’s customers are predominantly SMEs across the entire spectrum of vertical market sectors. For further information, visit

About QCD Microsystems

QCD Microsystems was founded in new York City in 2000 driven by the founder's vision of simplifying Linux and infrastructure administration. In April 2005, QCD Microsystems officially released InterStructures, the first integrated Linux and Windows server administration platform. This innovative product is the first product to market that leverages the Windows user interface and the Windows management platform to manage Linux. For further information, visit

For further information, please contact:
Ev Milker
Marketing and PR Manager
Tel: +44 (0)117 905 8718


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