September 22, 2006

LinuxIT launches VitalSigns24 to protect IT 24/7

Ev Milker writes "LinuxIT have today announced the public launch of VitalSigns24 – the complete monitoring and management service for mission critical IT systems.

VitalSigns24 is designed to provide tangible benefits to any organization that is reliant on continuous IT, by using state of the art monitoring tools and industry leading skills and expertise. VitalSigns24 monitors customers’ systems and data centers for everything from hardware resource usage through to application response times and threshold management. When anomalies or action points are identified, engineers proactively intervene to ensure that customers’ systems stay available and responsive.

Until today, Vitalsigns24 has only been available for customers with a fully outsourced solution from LinuxIT. Following a major new inward investment, VitalSigns24 has been restructured to become a fully remote managed service installed at customers’ own sites, enabling LinuxIT to provide enterprise class monitoring and support to a much broader audience.

Once installed in the client’s environment, VitalSigns24 feeds back information from the IT infrastructure to the LinuxIT support team where it is monitored, around the clock, to verify availability, operation and performance of critical devices.

Performance and availability thresholds are continually examined to meet specific business criteria or service level objectives, and VitalSigns24 will alert the LinuxIT support team if these thresholds are exceeded. This enables them to take corrective action immediately, before they impact on a client’s business.

Peter Dawes-Huish, CEO at LinuxIT, says: “LinuxIT is committed to helping businesses deliver a consistently high quality service to their customers, at least possible cost. We have developed VitalSigns24 to offer a solution for any size or type of enterprise whose business depends, 24/7, on their IT systems responding to customer needs quickly and efficiently. Not only is the software less costly to install than many comparable monitoring and management systems, but by outsourcing to LinuxIT, clients receive 24-hour expert support to pre-empt and resolve issues - avoiding system breakdown and costly downtime. Many clients simply couldn’t afford to provide this quality resource in-house.’

For businesses with mission critical IT systems, VitalSigns24 is the ideal solution to optimise performance, reduce the need for fire-fighting and safeguard against disaster – all of which impact significantly on a business’ bottom line.

VitalSigns24 is available now. For pricing structure information, please contact

About LinuxIT Europe
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As IT infrastructure experts, our knowledge includes all of the commonly used operating systems and applications from most of the hardware and software vendors, ranging from Microsoft to Red Hat. As independent consultants our recommendations may include any or all of these vendors’ solutions irrespective of personal prejudice. LinuxIT’s customers are predominantly SMEs across the entire spectrum of vertical market sectors.

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