October 3, 2003

LinuxIT makes Professional Linux Training freely available to everyone

Derek Raynor writes
"LinuxIT makes Professional Linux Training freely available to everyone.
LinuxIT announces the availability of its training courses leading to Linux
Professional Institute (LPI ) Certification under GPL, GNU Free
Documentation License.

The released manuals under the GPL license agreement gives everyone free
access to professional training material downloadable from mirror sites
around the world. This material is suitable as a preparation for the Level I
certification program of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI 101 and LPI
102). Independent trainers as well as training companies will benefit by
being able to use these professionally developed manuals which are free to
download and use.

These manuals will continue to be developed and released using the same
paradigm as other Open Source projects. This allows anyone to modify and
change the document provided it is released again as a GPL document. The
project will be registered at Sourceforge, a CVS version control system is
envisaged and any help from the community to suitably configure and enhance
the documents which are written in OpenOffice will be welcome.

As much as possible the production of the final product will separate the
content generation process from the laying out and editing tasks. The
project will be registered at Sourceforge. A CVS version control system is
envisaged. Any help to suitably configure the existing documents which are
entirely written in OpenOffice will be welcome. The first release is expected to
be available early next week. An announcement will be made on Freshmeat.

Peter Dawes-Huish Managing Director of LinuxIT commented, "We have
recognised the value of GPL Licensing and we know that by publishing our
training manuals under the same arrangement we can work with organizations
and individuals worldwide to create top quality materials which are freely
available to the community for use by anyone. LPI is fast becoming the
number one Linux Certification demanded by our customers and our aim is to
make this Certification available to all and supported by the best quality
training materials.

Andrew Meredith of Independent Training and Support consultancy The Anvil
Organisation said
"This is a real break for the micro-business and not for
profit end of the market. It enables companies like mine to run low cost ad
hoc courses without having to invest disproportionately in materials. It
puts the training materials on the same footing as the products themselves.
You can bet that we will be putting at least as much back in to the quality
of these manuals as we get out of them. These are live documents that have
been used many times to date, to get delegates through the LPI exams. This
move shows that LinuxIT really does understand and believe in the GPL

Peter added " We see the development of training course material under GPL as
a natural progression of the open source software development paradigm that
has proven to be unstoppable in todays market ".

About Linux Professional Institute
The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) develops professional certification
for the Linux operating system independent of software vendors or training
providers. Established as an international non-profit organization in 1999
by the Linux community, LPI develops accessible, internationally-recognized
certification programs which have earned the respect of vendors, employers
and administrators. LPI\'s activities involve hundreds of volunteers and
professionals throughout the world in many different capacities, and the
group encourages active public involvement through mailing lists and its
website at www.lpi.org. LPI\'s multi-level program of exams is administered
globally through Pearson VUE and Prometric testing centers. LPI\'s major
financial sponsors are Platinum Sponsors Caldera International
(NASDAQ:CALD), IBM (NYSE:IBM), Linuxcare, Maxspeed, SGI (NYSE:SGI), SuSE
Linux AG and TurboLinux as well as Gold Sponsors Novell, Inc. Nasdaq:
NOVL), Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HWP) and Wave

About LinuxIT
LinuxIT (a division of Kleesh Consultants Ltd.) is one
of the UK\'s most respected and successful independent
providers of IT infrastructure solutions based on Linux
and Open Source. LinuxIT\'s software solutions are created
through the integration of commercial grade software
with the enterprise of Linux specialists. LinuxIT is
a UK powerhouse of Linux expertise and its consultants
and support provide the backbone of services of some
of the best-known names in IT. In addition to solutions
Linux IT offers customers a comprehensive range of consulting,
support and certified training services. For more information
please visit the LinuxIT website at: www.linuxit.com

About the Anvil Organisation Ltd
The Anvil Organisation Ltd is based in Wiltshire and specialises in the
supply of IT advice, support and direct administration services to local
small and micro-businesses. Anvil uses Linux heavily as it allows easier and
more secure remote access thus cutting costs for the customer. www.anvil.org


Peter Dawes-Huish
Broad Quay House
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United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)117 9058718
Fax: +44 (0)117 9058818
w: www.linuxit.com"

Link: htp://www.linuxit.com

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