March 30, 2001

LinuxMedNews reaches one year, 263 articles

Author: JT Smith

Saint writes, "A year has passed already since LinuxMedNews opened March 30th, 2000. Happy Birthday. 263 articles have appeared in that time and the site has been featured on LinuxToday, Newsforge, and It has also been linked by numerous other sites. There has been good articles and cruddy articles. There has been spirited debates such as that on the VistA project which even attracted the attention of the patriarch of free software Richard M. Stallman. The future direction of LinuxMedNews will be examined in the near future, particularly whether it should become 'less fun' and 'more serious'. LinuxMedNews also needs to find a revenue stream which was a near miss before the melt-down. Fortunately, LMN is in this for the long-haul. In the meantime, some things have changed in one year of free and open medical software, many things haven't.

Read the original article here."


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