March 9, 2001

LinuxMedNews: return to Guatemala

Author: JT Smith

Saint writes "I'm off to Guatemala once again friends. You may recall that in May of 2000, when LinuxMedNews was barely a month old, I went on the road to report on the installation of a Linux network at the 300 year old Hermano Pedro hospital. As before, this is as much a personal journey as a technical one. The hospital is located in the historic city of Antigua and serves a large population of indigenous people's.

Upon arrival to the hospital I began triaging the heterogenous GNU/Linux network. Mateo was a disaster. The hard disk had crashed badly and what was worse contained the most up to date copy of our patient database. To add insult to injury, 16 megabytes of RAM had disappeared from the mother board...'

You can read the first installment 'Day 1: Live from Antigua' here."


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