August 28, 2001

LinuxPower interviews the Sun desktop team

Author: JT Smith

LinuxPower: "About a year ago, Sun joined the GNOME Foundation and promised both to support the development of GNOME and use GNOME as the default desktop for
Solaris. Ever since that time people have been wondering exactly what Sun does and how much they do. Lately some of their work has received public attention
like their work on the new accessibility library for GTK+ and their GNOME usability report.

Still, most of the Sun hackers and their work is not well known to all members of the GNOME community and definitely not to the Linux community in general. To
do something about this, I decided to interview some of the members of Sun's Desktop Division and ask them what kind of things they are working on. The
number of people interviewed here is still just a small subset of the people working at Sun on GNOME and GNOME related technologies. Most of the people in
this interview work at Sun's offices in Ireland."


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