March 23, 2004 adds Linux Certification Forum

jeremy writes " is pleased to announce the addition of a Linux Certification forum. The Linux Certification forum will have participation from three of the leading Linux certification bodies: Red Hat, The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and CompTIA. As Linux gains ground in the enterprise, having the appropriate certifications becomes increasingly important. Having direct access to representatives from the top Linux certification organizations allows you to easily decide which certification is right for you and ensures that you will get correct and up-to-date information.

Contact Information:
PO Box 1048
Buffalo, NY 14205 is a free, friendly and active Linux Community with over 100,000 members. Founded in 2000 LQ offers forums, reviews, a Linux hardware compatibility list, a wiki based Linux knowledgebase, Linux tutorials and more. has officially recognized forums for Arch, cAos, CollegeLinux, Conectiva, DamnSmallLinux, Debian, Fedora, Libranet, LindowsOS, Linux From Scratch, Mandrake, Red Hat, Slackware and VectorLinux."



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