June 26, 2004

LinuxQuestions.org turns four

jeremy writes "LinuxQuestions.org is proud to announce its fourth anniversary. The site's first post, a welcome message from the founder, was made on June 25, 2000. Four years later, LinuxQuestions.org has grown to become one of the largest Linux communities online today, with over 100,000 users and more than 1,000,000 posts. While LinuxQuestions.org originated as just a Linux forum, it has expanded over the years to include such features as a Linux hardware compatibility list, an events calendar, a reviews section, tutorials, a wiki-based Linux knowledge base and more. LinuxQuestions.org is committed to serving both the Linux hobbyist and the Linux professional, with forums for everything from Linux Newbies to Linux in the Enterprise.

"I am extremely happy with what the site has been able to accomplish in just four years and look forward to its continued
growth and expansion", said site founder Jeremy Garcia.

About LinuxQuestions.org:
LinuxQuestions.org is a free, friendly and active Linux Community with over 100,000 members. Founded in 2000 LQ offers forums, reviews, a Linux hardware compatibility list, a Linux knowledge base in wiki format, Linux tutorials and more. LQ has forums for everything from Linux Newbies to Linux in the Enterprise and has over 15 officially recognized Linux distribution forums."


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