June 26, 2009

LinuxTag Day Two

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June 26, 2009, 4:26 am

The traffic picked up quite a bit yesterday at LinuxTag. The openSUSE booth was much busier. Still not quite swamped, but a good crowd and lots of good questions.

It looks like we’ll be getting some of the community leaders around RPM together at the openSUSE Conference in September. Had a talk with an RPM.org developer, and he seemed interested in coming to the conference in September and working with openSUSE developers on RPM. So I’m hoping we can finally pull off an “RPM Summit” at the conference and make some steps towards a harmonized RPM at some point.

Also went to the Friends of Qt (pronounced “cute,” by the way) dinner. To say that the food was good and plentiful would be a serious understatement. Fantastic pasta and pizza, and it just kept coming. If you’re ever in Berlin, definitely check out 12 Apostles, great restaurant!

Had a great conversation with my tablemates about the state of the Linux desktop and where Linux needs to go. While there was some disagreement (as always) about the necessary strategy and tactics, there’s little disagreement that we need to be doing more to reach users who haven’t heard about or know very little about Linux and explain the benefits and advantages of Linux to those folks.

Overall, day two turned out to be a pretty productive day. Day three is a bit slow so far, but it may be that many people were at the social event last night and not too quick to get out of bed today.

Tomorrow, it’s openSUSE Day and we’re going to have quite a lot of fun! If you’re in or around Berlin, I do hope you’ll join us!

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