May 26, 2004

LinuxTracker Online

mcangeli writes "LinuxTracker, the Farmer's Almanac of Gnu/Linux is online and ready for action. While this site does not pretend to be the ultimate resource for Gnu/Linux news and reviews, we will strive to provide you with the most up to date information regarding the Operating System that is taking over the desktop. LinuxTracker will attempt to keep you aprised of the movements of the Gnu/Linux system. From Kernel changes, to security updates, we aim to not only provide you with quality news, but also a sense of what it means to you.

Insightful commentary on the happenings in the community will only be one of the many features offered at Up-to-date information on the latest software packages and a link to quality help at will help bridge a much
needed gap in the linux community from the uber user to the new user. Breaking down the lingo to make it easy for everyone to discern what information they need to get the job done and to make informed decisions.

For more information, stop in at"



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