LinuxUser issue 19 – March/April 2002

It’s time for UK and other European individuals and companies to act
now or pay later, says Trevor Parsons. A strong response to the
European Commission’s proposal for a directive legalising software
patents could save us all a lot of trouble in years to come

feature – Free vote 209k
Politicians may think electronic voting is the way to woo
back apathetic young technophiles, but it’s fraught with problems in
security, anonymity and auditing. Richard Hillesley looks at the
issues of e-voting from the free and open source software perspective,
and asks whether it’s really the answer


Logical Volume Manager Storage is one of the bigger challenges
confronting the transition of Linux into the corporate data centre.
LVM, the Sistina-backed GPL Logical Volume Manager, provides a smart,
powerful solution


personalities – Miguel, Mono and the monopoly 88k
You need a long spoon to sup with Microsoft, but Miguel de Icaza says
his Mono project, for an open source implementation of the .NET
framework, will provide a ready-made upgrade for development on


report – Linux World Expo, New York 94k
>From the PDA to the mainframe, the first of the year’s big Linux
bashes demonstrated the unstoppable progress of the free OS. The Linux
Documentation Project’s Guylhem Aznar gives us his personal view


you need to know about… Linux on iSeries 75k
McDonalds, Microsoft and most banks depend on a powerful but
little-known proprietary IBM mid-range machine called the iSeries.
Weirdly enough, says Seamus Quinn, one of its major selling points is
that it now runs Linux

The latest Linux Training Materials Project release from the experts
at GBdirect gives you three modules for the price of none. PLUS our
directory of Linux training providers in the British Isles


– Products and services 115k
Rated and reviewed this month: Borland’s Web Services-ready Kylix 2,
Sharp’s exciting and natively GNU/Linux Zaurus PDA, a Benchmark’s
Linux-friendly ValuSmart 80 DLT drive, and a very capable office suite
from Hancom, a big player in the Asian market

Martin Howse devours the latest crop of Linux-related literature,
finding the last word on security and firewalling, contrasting a brace
of books on using Red Hat Linux to network and serve, passing
judgement on a Linux and Windows interoperability guide, and
conferring instant classic status to a top tome on building wireless


Software Matters – Eben Moglen 38k
Drafted and paid for by Disney, the proposed US laws requiring every
computer to be a ‘trusted platform’ are repugnant to human liberty,
says Eben Moglen. Thanks to alliances with substantial players like
IBM and HP the free software movement may succeed in resisting them,
but will still need to be prepared to defend itself politically all
over the world


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