December 20, 2002

LinuxWorld 2003 announces conference schedule

- by Tina Gasperson -
LinuxWorld Expo is planning several new tracks for its NYC conference early next year, including a series of talks geared toward Linux in government and defense.In the last three years, the conference schedule has morphed outside of itself, changing from a resource for those within the Linux community of developers and administrators, into a list of resources for different enterprise sectors.

Instead of only focusing on the kernel, authoring, troubleshooting, and the like, special attention is now given to business, emerging technologies, telco, and the financial industry.

The list of specialized conferences includes:

The Business and Economics of Open Source
A Competitive Assessment of Linux in the Enterprise
Enterprise Storage Management for Linux
Gaining a Competitive Edge with Linux Applications
Linux: Knocking on the Door of the Data Center
The Eight Stages of a Retail Linux Implementation
Open Source from the Goverment's Perspective
Two Examples of Open Source Companies Successfully Working with Government
Linux At Work for US Citizens: A County Government Case Study
Linux on Wall Street: Practical Experience Implementing Linux in Financial Services
OSDL Data Center Linux (DCL) in Financial Services

LinuxWorld Expo 2003 begins January 21st in New York City's Javits Convention Center. It runs through January 24th. More information is available at the LinuxWorld Expo website.

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