LinuxWorld: A gallery


Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

LINUXWORLD — Even though LinuxWorld Expo (LWE) has morphed from hacker/swag heaven to dealmakers’ paradise over the last few years, there is still a pavilion in the back of the exhibit hall where you’ll find the non-profit groups that are the true heart of all this. Today we take you to several of those humble booths.The pavilion is where it’s happening

The big commercial vendors’ displays often just have a few people wandering through them, but the area is always busy. (Hint: If you’re a small-budget company setting up a LinuxWorld booth, the best place to be is next to the pavilion.)

Welcome to GNU/LinuxWorld

Steve and Lisa proudly show the Free Software Foundation flag — and sell merchandise
like books and T-shirts to an eager crowd.

Hans Uhlig representing Debian

One guy, three computers, admiring fans. No marketing, no fancy literature, no actresses making canned presentations. That’s Debian. A nice, stable booth.

“A group of volunteers, teenagers who need some guidance and some people from industry with an interest in astronomy.”


Michael Higachi shows off the latest GNOME advances

Doc Searls

How did he sneak in here? I swear, Linux Journal’s Doc Searls seems to be
everywhere at LinuxWorld. (Doc’s a great guy; if you ever have
a chance
to meet him, don’t let it pass you by.)


Jon ‘maddog’ Hall of Linux International is another perennial, also well worth knowing. He is the Linux advocacy speaker to invite if you’re putting together a Linux or open source event.

Hotcakes going like Mozilla Firefox posters

The demand for these posters was higher than demand for pancakes at the Denny’s coffee shop around the corner from the exhibition hall. Mozilla
volunteers could barely keep up with the demand.