January 31, 2001

LinuxWorld: NuxOne says, 'We're NanoMailers, and we're not LinuxOne'

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -
Jae Hwang, engineer and team leader for NuxOne, Inc., makes it clear that his company is in no way affiliated with *that* LinuxOne. Here at LinuxWorld Expo, the Korea-based developer hopes that it can stand on its own with its new mass-mailer, NanoMailer.NanoMailer is a simple mailing program that supports MySQL and Oracle type databases. It runs on the Web, so is platform independent, and supports multiple users. It's a nice tool for big companies that send out frequent mass emails -- NuxOne claims that you can send out a million emails a day with NanoMailer. Can you say spam (or targeted advertising)?

One interesting feature of NanoMailer is its comprehensive reporting ability, with which companies can track the effectiveness of a particular mail message. By creating HTML mail messages with imbedded images, says Hwang, the program can easily report back to the owner how many times the message has been opened by the recipient. Simple concept, but a good indicator of just how intrusive merchants can get once they have your address.

If you don't like the idea of someone keeping tabs on how many times you read your email messages, it's a good idea to turn off HTML in your mailer, or use a text-based program like pine or mutt. "Most people have HTML turned on and don't know it," says Hwang. "But if it's text, you'll have no way of knowing" what the recipient is doing with his email.

NuxOne, the company behind the NanoMailer, used to be known as LinuxOne.co.kr. Are they affiliated with that other LinuxOne? "No, no, no," said Hwang and an unidentified female companion, waving their arms vigorously as punctuation, at their Linux World booth.

They changed to NuxOne in order to distance themselves from LinuxOne.net, the California company that virtually dropped out of sight after claiming it would file for an IPO in 1999, in the midst of rampant criticism from the Open Source community.

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