January 22, 2004

LinuxWorld: Pictures at an exhibition

Author: Robin "roblimo" Miller

At Linux World Conference and Expo in New York at 10 a.m. on
the show's first day, a milling throng filled the lobby of the Javits Center,
waiting for the opening bell, as it were. It was a happy sight for Linux
boosters, one that hasn't been seen since 2000 or 1999. While show
organizer IDG doesn't have attendance figures ready for publication yet, my
impression was that attendance was way up over the past few years' worth of LinuxWorlds.
Exhibitors were out in force, too. While the show floor seemed
to occupy no more square feet than last year, that is probably
because while there were more exhibitors, the average booth size was
smaller. But those booths were, for the most part, active all day.

This is a small collection of snapshots to help you see what
LinuxWorld looks like. We'll have more stories about the show (and more pictures) over the next
few days.

(Editor's note: I've got to fill a little here, so the ad at the right doesn't bump into our photos. OK, laugh if you want, but sometimes these things happen. Broadcasters have to fill all the time; this is just the Web version of that same phenomenon.

As time goes on, we will try to illustrate our news and feature stories as often as possible. In any case, let us know how important -- or unimportant -- you think artwork is in IT news coverage; jot down and submit a comment when you get an extra minute. We always appreciate your feedback.)

Linux International's Jon 'maddog' Hall models the perfect headgear for a cold day in New York.
TheLinuxShow, broadcasting live from the show floor.

A bit of Microsoft love (not that we advocate this sort of thing) created and worn by show attendee Shawn Milochik.

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The Debian reps talk it up at their booth. Adam DeCarlo wears a tie (a first among Debian
show booth people!)
Hundreds of people waited for the exhibit hall to open. They wouldn't hold still for the camera!
Talking about Gentoo Linux ...

Sam Hiser shows OpenOffice.org to an eager crowd.

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