March 13, 2001 and shutting down

Author: JT Smith

- by Robin "Roblimo" Miller -
We regret the passing of these much-loved news outlets and offer condolences to all our friends who have
been writing for them. But don't despair too much. At least some of their content will continue as part of the
"parent" ITWorld site.On Monday, March 12, LinuxWorld writers received a communique from editor in chief Kathy Badertscher
that said, "It is with great disappointment, displeasure, nausea, etc. that I must tell you that ITworld is
shutting down

"Yep. You read correctly. Because of the economy and everything else, ITw could no longer support our
endeavors to become one of the best Linux sites. Thankfully JavaWorld will be retained, but UnixInsider also
becomes a casualty. A bit of OK news is that will live on in an abridged fashion on ITw.
However, things will never be the same, and I know we all know that, but we'll do the best we can. There's
much more to say, but I'm afraid an email can't do it justice."

LinuxWorld columnist Joe Barr, one of many who received this sad message, told us (via email), "I will
continue my column for ITWorld, at least for the time being." But he added, "LinuxWorld going down is a big
bummer for me, I've been with them since they opened."

LinuxWorld, Unix Insider, and ITWorld are all owned by IDG, a worldwide information conglomerate
headquartered in Boston, Mass., that publishes (according to its Web site), "more than 290 publications in 75
countries, read by more than 90 million people each month." IDG also owns research firm IDC, promotes trade
shows and expositions, and publishes books (including the famous "For Dummies" series, among other

Update 1425 US EST: Former LinuxWorld Editorial director Nick Petrley's column will be appearing on ITWorld even though its original "home" is sailing into the digital sunset.

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