June 5, 2001

Little Blue Box confirms first major distribution

Author: JT Smith

June 5, 2001 Naperville Illinois - With only two months since the original Beta showing of the product at Spring COMDEX in Chicago, the Little Blue Box posts its first major accomplishment with a distribution relationship with Linux Central, one of the leading eCommerce portals associated with Linux industry product distribution.

PJ Hyett, of the Little Blue Box group said, "It is one thing to prototype and then manufacture a computer system. Start-up businesses do that sort of thing everyday. It is another thing all together to be recognized by the peers in your industry group and get a warm reception in the distribution channels. In many cases getting distributed is the single most difficult problem many new businesses face. That is why you see so much product from new start up companies like ours show up so quickly at Internet Auction Sites. A lot bigger companies have failed at this first step. We are very pleased with the progress we have made, and by now there should be NO QUESTION that we are out to prove the dynamic power Open Source offers to the IT world, and that our target is Microsoft.

We are very pleased that our first distribution relationship is with one of the most established and successful families of web portals. Internet.Com is an established leader in the Internet community, and their Linux Central eCommerce portal is one of the major Linux distribution sites in the world today. We would be hard pressed to find a better start in the retail marketing phase of our product development. We are also very pleased to announce the release of our Version 1.1 of the system and software build, with a couple significant product improvements."

"Distributing products such as The Little Blue Box is a large part of our mission to provide Open Source solutions for the Linux market," said James Gray, of LinuxCentral.com. "We are very excited about the prospect of offering these truly unique products to the Linux community," Gray added.

What is a Little Blue Box?

  • A "Blue Box" is a term used by gadget hobbyist and hackers for a device that is capable of doing something revolutionary, possibly illegal, or so good it should be illegal. It is in that thought process that this product was named, the Little Blue Box Email Sever. It is so powerful, so simple, and so cost effective our competitors will wish it would be made illegal. This product is the first of its kind in the world. It is a completely 100% total email solution for the small business.
  • The Little Blue Box Email Sever is simple to set up. It comes completely 100% pre-configured, and works right out of the box. There is no server software to set up, no hardware assembly to mess with. The business or organization simply plugs it into a power outlet and plugs it into a LAN connected to the Internet, and it works.

  • The Little Blue Box Email Sever is simple to use and manage. A secretary with basic understanding of a computer can use the simple administrative software in less than TEN minutes to add, edit or remove email accounts.

  • The Little Blue Box Email Sever is reliable. The hardware is powerful but basic, with little that can fail. The only moving parts are drives and fans. And, even if it does fail, it is simple to diagnose, fix or replace.

  • The Little Blue Box Email Sever is more than a product, it is a SERVICE as well. If the organization using the Little Blue Box Email Sever experiences any kind of failure, be it the server itself, the company LAN, or the Internet connection; email is NEVER lost. Our MX service assures that email finds a safe place to reside until the server is back on line.

  • The Little Blue Box Email Sever has staying power. Again, this is due to SERVICE. Our RPM service makes sure that your server gets its software upgraded on a quarterly basis.

  • The Little Blue Box is the simplest and fastest solution to the problems associated with LAN based email when using a fixed Internet connection such as ISDN, DSL, wireless broadband or a T1. It is REALLY as easy as 123. Your order it, you plug it in, and it works.

The Little Blue Box will begin its distribution run at the Linux Central web portal located at http://www.linuxcentral.com starting Tuesday June 5th.

All inquires for purchasing please go to http://www.linuxcentral.com

All licensing requests for the Little Blue Box are available through the web site http://www.littlebluebox.com. The LOGO and Indicia graphic for LBB were developed by Nitrozac, the very cool artist behind the after Y2K series at Geek Culture

Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.
Microsoft(tm) and Exchange(tm) Server are trademarks of Microsoft
Little Blue Box(tm) is a trademark of Ibss, Inc.

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