April 15, 2014

Live from the Summit: All Hands on Cloud with Red Hat CEO

 Red Hat CEO and President Jim Whitehurst kicked off the 2014 Red Hat Summit, celebrating 10 years of growth and innovation. Whitehurst addressed a crowded ballroom at Moscone Center South. âYou are all part of our mission statement,â he said...

Whitehurst, a fan of history (and analogies), took us back to September 2, 1666: the Great Fire of London. A terrible eventâbut a time when the city of London got the chance to start over.

Business leaders want greenfields. They wish they could start over. London got a greenfield, but chose to rebuild old infrastructure. Constituents had needs that the old city satisfiedâand new needs in conflict. But they did (like we do today) have common questions: How do you keep the traffic flowing while building the infrastructure of tomorrow?

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