Live from SUSECon: Enterprise SUSE Grows Like Crazy, Announces Product Changes


Nils BrauckmannWhen Attachmate bought Novell in 2010, they spun SUSE off into an independent business unit. Since then SUSE has been growing at a record rate, according to SUSE’s President and General Manager, Nils Brauckmann, who will speak this week at the SUSE Linux Conference. As a whole, SUSE’s revenue has grown 22 percent over last year, and the most growth has been in North America, with an increase of 37 percent. SUSE now has over 19,000 customers in 45 countries.

The product with the most growth is SUSE Manager, SUSE’s heterogenous systems manager, which grew 140 percent. Brauckmann today announced the release of a new management pack for SUSE Manager, the Management Pack for Microsoft System Center. This provides a single central console for managing Windows and Linux servers: updates, patches, virtual and physical environments.

Brauckmann also announced an increase in the SUSE life cycle from 7 + 3 (seven years of support plus an optional three-year extension) to 10 + 3 to meet the needs of enterprise customers who need stable platforms with long life cycles.

Interoperability is a core SUSE strategy, and the good SUSE people claim that SUSE Cloud, which is based on OpenStack, offers the best heterogenous systems support, and supports more hypervisors than any other enterprise cloud.

SUSE is one of the oldest Linux distributions, and turned 21 this year.

Editor’s Note: Carla Schroder is attending SUSECon, which is taking place Nov. 12 – 15 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. She will be reporting from the conference throughout the week for, courtesy of SUSE.