August 10, 2001

Live Web broadcast scheduled for SDMI challenge presentation

Author: JT Smith

The USENIX Association announced today that it has teamed up with Web based technology magazine Dr. Dobb's TechNetCast to live broadcast the presentation of the highly debated SDMI research findings.
The presentation is part of the USENIX Security Symposium being held in Washington, DC on August 15 - 17, 2001. The paper, written by a team of researchers from Princeton and Rice Universities, will be followed by a panel discussion, featuring research team lead Dr. Edward Felten, to discuss the impact on the computing industry of the research and the legal proceedings the paper has recently endured.
"This is an issue that concerns a much wider audience than only those attending the conference," said USENIX Executive Director Ellie Young. "USENIX has always been dedicated to moving technical information out of research and into the public eye. The impact of this paper and the discussion about legal freedoms it has generated are topics that our members and the public have asked be made available to them. That's what this live broadcast aims to do."
The live broadcast is scheduled to run on Wednesday, August 15, 2001, from six o'clock to seven thirty Eastern time. Users will be able to access the presentation in both RealVideo web stream and Ogg Vorbis, a general purpose, compressed audio format that is also a non-proprietary, patent and royalty-free alternative to MP3.
"The use of Ogg Vorbis underscores the importance of the availability of free software technologies for the distribution of rich media content over the internet," said TechNetCast Producer Philippe Lourier. "Dr. Dobb's has always believed that the open dissemination of source code and research information helps build better software and technology. Using these resources to make public an event that could not be distributed through traditional empowers technology users to make informed choices. And it matches the spirit of the presentation itself."
Both the audio and RealVideo web stream broadcasts can be accessed at Viewers will have also have on-demand access to the recordings in the TechNetCast archives immediately after the broadcast.
For more information about the live web broadcast or to inquire about complimentary press badges to the USENIX Security Symposium, please contact Monica Ortiz at 415-990-5513 or email
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