August 24, 2009

Living on the Edge of Rails, Part 3

Article Source Linux Magazine
August 24, 2009, 6:35 am

I’ve been looking at a lot of Rails code lately. In fact, I’ve seen a wide gamut of style, knowledge, and craftsmanship in the last week alone.

One developer is obviously new to Ruby; Rails doesn’t cloak verbosity. Another developer uses tried-and-true Rails paradigms. The code is clean and it works, yet could be improved with some of the more recent conveniences. Another developer is obviously quite skilled; I am still sleuthing that code, trying to determine where all sorts of cool stuff came from. It’s code that makes me think I’ve lived under a rock for the past year.

Here, in the third installment of a series, I continue to unearth what’s new in Edge Rails and recent releases. Today’s topic: Convenience...

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