March 15, 2004

Living the Open Source Community Lifestyle

The broad-scale promotion of open source software and open standards within the South African public sector as well as in education and business, will
have a profound impact on the way software systems are specified, designed and implemented.

Inus Gouws, a senior information management (IM) consultant at Computer Associates (Africa), looks at the skills, disciplines and training necessary
to function productively in this environment.

Open source software has the potential to empower people in ways that proprietary software simply does not allow. This was highlighted in a discussion
paper published earlier this year (2003) by the National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI) an advisory body appointed by the minister of Arts,
Culture, Science and Technology.

The paper, entitled "Open Software and Open Standards in South Africa", recommends the broad-scale promotion of open standards and open software
within the public sector. It also promotes its use in education and business.



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