October 8, 2001

Load 2.0 scalability test utility goes final

Author: JT Smith

Frank Cohen writes, Load 2.0 is now final, having finished the past 6 months of alpha and beta testing. The final release adds SSL and HTTPS datasources for testing secure Web apps. Javadoc documentation is also now included with the code.Load 2.0 is a utility for testing Web applications and SOAP-based Web Services for scalability and performance. Load comes with a script language and library of test objects. With Load one writes intelligent test agents to drive a Web app just as a
real user does. Load then runs multiple concurrent agents to simulate real production environments while testing software.

Load is a Java application and runs where Java does. Load is distributed under an Apache-style open-source license.

Load 2.0 may be downloaded from http://www.pushtotest.com.

-Frank Cohen

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