Logical Critique of Enderle’s SCO Forum Keynote

Neil Wehneman writes “On August 3, 2004, Rob Enderle presented a keynote address at SCO Forum entitled “Free Software and the Idiots Who Buy It.” In that address Mr. Enderle employed repeated logical errors, accusations without evidence, and ad hominem attacks. He materially confused the meaning of Free Software, as well as assigning physical threats to the Groklaw / Free Software community without proof.

This paper is not an attempt to debate Mr. Enderle or the SCO Group. Instead my goal is simply to show the numerous and significant logical fallacies in Mr. Enderle’s address.

As Mr. Enderle alludes to, everyone carries bias. I will attempt to keep mine to a minimum by avoiding intense language and undue legal debate, instead focusing upon a dispassionate listing and explanation of the recurring fundamental errors in reasoning that Mr. Enderle presented. I will mention specific legal occurrences only where necessary to show logical inconsistency.”

Link: fallinggrace.com


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