Loki and BSDi partner to certify Linux games for BSD


Author: JT Smith

LokiSoft and BSDi are partnering to certify Loki’s Linux compatible games for use under FreeBSDs Linux-compatibility feature. Select “Read More” for the full press release.Loki and BSDI Partner for FreeBSD Games
Loki to Certify Games for Use with Linux Compatibility Features

San Jose, California — August 15, 2000 — Loki Software, Inc., the
leading publisher of best-selling games for the Linux operating system,
today announces a strategic alliance with Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
(BSDI), the foremost supporter of the FreeBSD Project.

Loki introduced fully-supported, shrink-wrapped commercial games to the
Linux community in 1999. While Loki has released Alpha and PPC versions
of their games whenever technically feasible, FreeBSD users had been left
to their own devices to make the games function on their open-source
operating system of choice.

Through this new partnership, Loki and BSDI will work together to ensure
Loki’s gaming titles are compatible with FreeBSD using the
Linux-compatibility features. Certified games on this configuration will
be fully-supported by Loki.

“Many people do not take games seriously, and this is a mistake,” said
Jordan Hubbard, Vice President, Open Source Solutions. “Availability of
Loki’s industry leading line up of Linux games is a huge win for us, as
we realize full well that games drive a large part of the overall
acceptance of any operating system, even a serious operating system like

“We are excited to be announcing our official support of FreeBSD’s Linux
compatibility libraries,” said Scott Draeker, president of Loki Software.
“FreeBSD users have been enjoying their Open Source operating system for
years, and many of them have been playing our games.”

Loki is now preparing several A-one titles for certification, including
the highly-anticipated SimCity 3000 Unlimited and Sid Meier’s Alpha
Centauri with the Alien Crossfire expansion pack. Other popular programs
to be certified soon include Quake III Arena, Soldier of Fortune, and

Specially-marked certified games will be available from The FreeBSD Mall
in addition to Loki’s Web site store.