Loki & The Linux Show announce Tribes 2 online gaming


Author: JT Smith

Jeff Gerhardt writes “It’s NOT too late to get a copy of Tribes 2 and participate in this event. Next Tuesday night something very special is going to happen. Loki Games is going to be the guest on The Linux Show!!, and in conjunction has planned with the Linux Show team an on-line gaming event to run the evening of that appearance.””This is going to be something VERY unique.”said Jeff Gerhardt, co-host of The Linux Show. “We are going to have a game server running the entire evening, starting at the same time as the show. We will have an irc server running where people can meet before hand and make up teams or just find people interested in a free for all. We will also be running our stream server the entire evening(after the show), playing musical requests for the people playing in the Tribe 2 games. If you are into mech style combat games and on-line games in general, this will be BIG TIME FUN. We also invite Linux Companies or LUGS to form teams and contact us in advance. Go to The Linux Show!! web site over the weekend for details as they become available.”

Kayt Sorhaindo from Loki stated,” It is NOT too late to get a copy of Tribes 2 by next Tuesday, but you will have to order FAST. If people want to buy from us directly so they can have it by Tuesday, then they can use our beta webstore at This will be the site of our new sales portal. It is not “pretty yet” but is secure and fully functional.

For more information about Loki, visit www.lokigames.com.

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