December 17, 2009

Longhorn Linux - A New Distro has arrived


Longhorn Linux¬â is a project invisioned by Jman6495 and the current team of developers, it is built on the core of Ubuntu and has a UI that looks like Windows Longhorn, the team have laid out a solid schedule showing and posting the progress of their work.¬â 


  • 22nd November RELEASE Version 0.5
  • 29th November:Sidebar Completion
  • 6th December:Fix Start Button , Add More Icons
  • 13th December:Add Longhorn Arrows , And Interface Buttons
  • 20th December:Polish System , Add Longhorn Wallpapers ,Reduce Size
  • 10th january:Rewrite Of LOGON Screen for better Looks
  • 17th January:Start Work On "Oxygen" (The Double-Decker Taskbar Interface) In KDE
  • 31st January:Oxygen Desktop Release (Possibility Of Delay)¬â 


within the first month of development a release was issued and the current system requirements to run Longhorn Linux are: Minimum Of 512MB Ram, a graphics card that is good at MINIMUM 3GB HD which seems relatively minimal in the scale of things, feel free to give the¬â current build a try.


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