Looking at the future of LInux

Anonymous Reader writes “Technological innovations around open source projects can help Linux gain even more market share according to this DesktopLinux.com article by open source advocate and author Tom Adelstein.

With the release of Sun’s Looking Glass 3D desktop technology to the community, projects have cropped up to foster development and today, notes Adelstein, Project Looking Glass not only supports Sun’s JDS but also Fedora, Red Hat and SuSE distributions.

Projects making it easier to interface and develop the software further are cropping up and Adelstein interviews the leader of an effort to make further enhancements to Looking Glass simpler. Ricardo Wagemaker of GCCLinux.com talks about his advocacy and discusses how gaming played a central role in bringing him to the project, largely propelling his efforts and interests in advancing the technology. Oftentimes it is through this community process that a project destined for one use invariably discovers other applications.”

Link: desktoplinux.com


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