January 26, 2003

Lost Marble Unleashes Moho for Linux

Alex writes: A while back, PCLinuxOnline posted a petition requesting Lost Marble to port Moho
to Linux.
The company has answered the plea, now the latest version of their popular, and easy to use cartoon-making application runs natively under Linux. Their product has been ported using the GTK 2 toolkit and runs natively under Linux.

Lost Marble is looking for feedback, bug reports and they want to know what Linux distributions their port works well on, in addition to Red Hat 8.0

Download Moho here and check out a screenshot of Moho 4.02 under RedHat 8.0.
Don't forget to read their release notes before installing.

Also, keep in mind this is a preliminary release, not to mention, a great to satisfy a minority. Please, support their Linux effort and purchase their product when it becomes available. This application is the best of its breed, there is no other Linux application that matches it in usability, flexibility, and power.

Making Moho a successful, commercial Linux product greatly increases the probability that other companies, like Adobe and Macromedia, will port their software to Linux.

Thank you Lost Marble and Best Wishes!"

Link: http://www.lostmarble.com

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