June 25, 2001

Love and Stallman duke it out

Author: JT Smith

From ZDNet (via Yahoo News): "In an interview with ZDNet Germany,
Caldera chief Ransom Love hits back at
free software founder Richard Stallman, denying that he is a 'greedy
capitalist' or a 'parasite.'

'I am not a greedy capitalist. I am only a businessman. I just do my job. I'm not
quite sure whether you can call this parasitic. I am not a parasite,' Caldera
chief executive Ransom Love told ZDNet in Munich, Germany over the
weekend. Love was defending himself and the open source movement against
reproaches by Richard Stallman, the chairman of the Free Software Foundation. Back in May, Stallman was
quoted as saying of Love: 'He's only a parasite.'"


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