Low-Power ARM9 SoC Gains Linux Support

Article Source LinuxDevices
July 29, 2009, 7:49 am

Timesys released a version of its LinuxLink development framework for a Texas Instruments (TI) ARM9 SoC that targets low-power devices, ranging from medical instrumentation to industrial control systems. The OMAP-L137 subscription represents the first LinuxLink release for an OMAP-L1xx SoC, which are designed to incorporate TI’s new C674x DSPs, says the company.

Announced last fall, the OMAP-L137 is very similar to the more full-featured OMAP-L138 announced by TI last month, which Timesys says it plans to support soon. Both SoCs are equipped with a 300MHz ARM926EJ-S core, and designed to incorporate one of TI’s new TMS320C674x digital signal processors (DSPs), including the TMS320C6742, TMS320C6746, and SATA-enabled TMS320C6748.

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