October 2, 2001

LPI L2 extended exam for $15

Author: JT Smith

" The Linux Professional
Institute (LPI) today announced the next locations in a series of
events designed to introduce its new Level 2 certification program."
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 12:32:34 -0400
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For your information - I thought I'd pass our press release along, to
encourage you all to take our Level 2 extended exam.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Wilma Silbermann
Executive Assistant
905 874 4822


One Day Events In Seoul, Atlanta and Toronto Offer Intermediate Level
                         Certification Exams for $15

    BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, October 1  -- The Linux Professional
Institute (LPI) today announced the next locations in a series of
events designed to introduce its new Level 2 certification program.
    The events, to take place in Atlanta Georgia (USA) on October 9 and
Toronto (Canada) October 10, allow participants to take the complete
Level 2
LPI exam for $15 in Atlanta and $25(Canadian) in Toronto.
        The first such event took place September 20 in Seoul, hosted by
Linux distributor WowLinux. The Atlanta event October 9 is co-hosted by
LPI sponsor IBM and the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts. The Toronto event,
October 10, is hosted by LPI sponsor Starnix Inc.
         "These events are a great demonstration of what LPI is all about," said
LPI President Chuck Mead. "As a non-profit organization, LPI's aim has
always been to make our program as globally accessible as possible. But
we're also very concerned with having the program relevant, challenging,
and based on sound psychometrics. These events allow us to offer a
preliminary version of the Level 2 exam which both minimizes costs to
test-takers and helps us validate the program."
    The LPI Level 2 beta exam is also available worldwide until
for $85 (USD) through the VUE network of testing centers. After the beta
period is over, Level 2 will be offered as two exams costing $100 (USD)
each. Designed to demonstrate knowledge of professionals with 3-4 years
experience, Level 2 covers 14 subject areas defined according to an
extensive Job Task Analysis study conducted worldwide.
    Any organization of 20 or more people interested in hosting a
event is invited to contact Kara Pritchard, LPI Director of Exam
Development, at kara@lpi.org.
About LPI
    The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) develops professional
the Linux operating system independent of software vendors or training
providers. Established as an international nonprofit organization in
by the Linux community, LPI develops accessible,
certification programs which have earned the respect of vendors,
employers and
administrators. LPI's activities involve hundreds of volunteers and
professionals throughout the world in many different capacities, and the
encourages active public involvement through mailing lists and its
website at
http://www.lpi.org. LPI's multi-level program of exams is administered
through 2,700 test centers operated by Virtual University Enterprises
(VUE), a
division of NCS. LPI's major financial sponsors are Platinum Sponsors
International (Nasdaq: CALD), IBM (NYSE: IBM), Linuxcare, Maxspeed, SGI
SGI), SuSE Linux AG and TurboLinux as well as the Gold Sponsors Hewlett-
Packard (NYSE: HWP) and Wave Technologies.
The Atlanta event, co-hosted by LPI sponsor IBM and the Atlanta Linux
Enthusiasts, will take place October 9 at the Atlanta Hilton & Towers,
Courtland Street, NE, Atlanta. For more information or to register for
event, contact James P Kinney at (770) 493-8244 or
The Toronto event, hosted by LPI sponsor Starnix Inc, will take place at
Starnix's offices at 175 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 310,
For more information or to register contact Wilma Silbermann at (905)
874-4822 or wilma@lpi.org.
Objectives for the LPI Level 2 program can be found at:
Other information on LPI may be obtained at
Information on the VUE testing network is at http://www.vue.com.
"Linux" is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States and other
"Linux Professional Institute" is a trademark of Linux Professional
Institute, Inc.
Chuck Mead, President
     919-522-0051 (mobile)
Evan Leibovitch, Board Chair
     416-998-3914 (mobile)
     905-771-0017 (office)
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