June 10, 2009

LSU Hosts Beowulf Boot Camp

Article Source insideHPC
June 10, 2009, 3:16 am

The LSU Center for Computation and Technology, or CCT, has announced that it will be holding a Beowulf Boot Camp.Â¬â  The boot camp was designed to give Louisiana high school students the chance to work with advanced computing technology, not typically found in a normal high school setting.

Students will work in small groups to build small clusters from scratch.Â¬â  The groups will then collaborate and integrate their individual machines to build a mini supercomputer.Â¬â  They will continue the camp by developing and running small applications, followed by some benchmarking and performance analysis.

It is important that university professors focus not only on college-age students, but reach out to students in the K-12 grades, inspiring them to attend college and making them aware of the possibilities in a field many have not considered or been exposed to previously,âÃù [Thomas] Sterling said...

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