March 1, 2007

The LTP February Release Announcement

Anonymous Reader writes "The Linux Test Project test suite has been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2900+ tests for the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as:
  • A Linux test tools matrix
  • Technical papers
  • How To's on Linux testing
  • Code coverage analysis tool.

We encourage the community to post results to,
and patches, new tests, or comments/questions to
See ChangeLog Below

  • Helge Deller writes: when calling open() with O_CREAT, the mode must be specified
    . vmsplice01.c
  • Changes for Dec
    . ChangeLog
  • A patch from Yi Xu to add a nanosleep between the first gettimeofday and the next gettimeofday to make sure there has been a measurable time (for gettimeofday function) elapsed
    . gettimeofday02.c
  • Corrected problem found by Thomas Schulz. The syslog.conf file is now backed up before any changes are made.
    . syslog05
  • Cleaned up lines 161 - 171. Reading the pid-max value from /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max
    . getsid02.c
  • Passing a 1 instead of 0 to genload with the -hdd option for the -i option. This prevents a recursive loop.
    . runltp
  • tweak CPPFLAGS so we can find all of our headers
    . Makefile
  • The attached patch (from Carol Hebert) corrects some errors and adds some additional tests to the IPMI testcase in pounder2.
    . ipmitool
  • Removing the Ping test portion of this test because it is unneeded and causes failures.
    . mc_member
  • as pointed out by Helge Deller, make sure we only check the number of bytes that we wrote
    . read04.c
  • random updates from Jane Lv for uClinux
    . access05.c, chdir04.c, chroot03.c, creat06.c, execve03.c, semop05.c, shmat01.c, shmctl01.c, link04.c, lstat02.c, mkdir03.c, mknod06.c, open08.c, read02.c, rename08.c, rmdir02.c, rmdir03.c, rmdir05.c, stat03.c, stat06.c, statfs02.c, symlink03.c, truncate03.c



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