The luck of the virus

Garza and company might have drawn another conclusion, namely that open source folks have more fun. Whereas the commercial IDS products have sober names (Border Guard and StealthWatch), the open-source IDS of choice is Snort (nicknamed “The Pigâ€). The Pig’s most commonly used graphical front end is the colorfully named ACID (Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases). And then there are the porcine-inspired Snort add-ons Barnyard and Oinkmaster.

Snort creator Martin Roesch — founder of security pioneer Sourcefire and an InfoWorld 2004 Innovator — confirmed our suspicions about the open source crowd in a post-test conversation. ACID, he confided, is on its way out as the preferred Snort GUI, soon to be replaced by SGUIL. And what does that stand for? Snort Graphical User Interface for Losers, of course.

Link: InfoWorld