LUG Launches Open High School Project in Sibiu County, Romania


An amazing project has been started in Sibiu County. Amazing, because in Romania these kind of projects are difficult to include and open source initiatives are still in their infancy.

The primary goal for the Open High School project (initiated by the SbLUG; Sibiu Linux User Group) is to promote Linux and open source software in local high schools.


For the first cycle of project, a few members of SbLUG prepared four short presentations: Free Software and Free licenses Introduction, Linux Desktop Environments and Applications, Programming Environments for Linux, and Graphical Applications working on Linux.

Thus far, the project was well-received in the high schools. A lot of teachers and executives from schools agreed with this initiative and want to cooperate. Currently, the members of SbLUG are scheduling a new set of meetings with area high school students. This presentations series will run until June 2010.

There also appears to be additional requests for specialized introductory Linux courses for high school students.

For more information on SbLUG and the Open High School Project (no translations in English, yet):