May 1, 2004

LUGRadio Episode 6 Online

Author: LUGRadio

Anonymous Reader writes "LUGRadio Episode 6 is online. This episode was recorded at the Linux User & Develop Expo in London.

Project Look Glass - Aq and Jono interview Paul Leonard and Adrian Keward of Sun, about their new 3D desktop and Sun's involvement in the Linux worldDebian drugs shock? - Paul Sladen gives away too much information about what goes on behind the scenes at the expoLinux Chix - Caroline Yates tell us why there's a need for a women specific Linux organisationGnome and KDE - interviews with KDE's Jonathan Riddell and Gnome's Maria BlackmoreThe alternative to OpenOffice Writer - Huibert Figuere tells us why AbiWord has a bright futureAFFS - Alex Hudson tells us what good the AFFS is doing for free software in the UKAssorted rabble - plus more of the usual nonsense, including appearances by Aquarion, Schwuck, Digit0 and Mozrat!
Funny show and interesting content."


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