October 23, 2007

LugRadio: Season 5, Episode 3 - Divine Digits

Author: JT Smith

The latest episode of LugRadio, Season 5, Episode 3 - Divine Digits, is out and contains some hair raising moments.In Season 5, Episode 3 of LugRadio - Divine Digits, Jonathan Edward James Bacon, Stuart "Sausage Fingers" Langridge, Adam Sweet and Chris Proctor interview Quim Gil from Nokia about Maemo and the new Nokia N810, turn to the Lugradio Finger of God to determine the ultimate truth with electrifying results, ask if software vendors should be legally responsible for security flaws and Jono bores everyone about his recent flu-fuelled voyage of discovery into the world of software packaging, along with a hearty selection of your emails which include Nokia 770s and 800s, open source web applications, the KDE 4 release event, being too tight to buy a printer, Enlightenment live CDs, OOXML, Miguel de Icaza and a kick in the ââ¬Ënads for the LugRadio team.

Link: lugradio.org


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