November 12, 2002

Luke Macpherson Wins John Lions Award For 2002

Gordon Hubbard writes: The Australian UNIX and Open
Systems User Group (AUUG, Inc.) today announced that Luke Macpherson has
won the John Lions Award for 2002 for his work on IP Spoofing and Aliasing
for the BSD Network Stack."

The award commemorates the work of John Lions, who brought UNIX to Australia,
wrote the famous commentary on the 6th Edition UNIX kernel, and founded
AUUG in 1975.

The award is given based on a piece of work of relevance to open systems
that is carried out by a full-time honours or post-graduate student. The
award includes a one year membership of AUUG, and a cash prize of $1,000,
taken from a fund established by AUUG, USENIX and an anonymous donor.

Luke's work was to develop Dynamic IP (internet protocol) aliasing for
OpenBSD, a technology which allows one computer to initiate and accept
connections on behalf of any device on the same network in a manner which
is transparent to the other communicating party.

The primary application of this technology is to enable internet firewalls
to provide fine-grained filtering of internet connections. By enabling
firewalls to control not only the source and destination addresses of connections,
but also the content of individual connections, the security provided by
internet firewalls can be significantly improved.

David Purdue, speaking on behalf of the Lions Award Committee, said,
"We chose this work because of its usefulness, its relevance to open systems,
and the fact that it could promote the use of the open source OpenBSD operating
system in security applications."

In response to receiving the award, Luke said, "I am very pleased to
receive the John Lions award for research work in open systems, both because
I have great respect for the influence John Lions has had on the field
of open systems research, and because I am aware of the high standard of
systems research being done by other Australian university students."

More details on the Lions award can be found at:

An in-depth explanation of Luke's work can be found at:


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