January 8, 2001

Lutris and Nokia accelerate application development

Author: JT Smith

Renee Daniels writes "Lutris Technologies Inc., a leading open source enterprise software and services company, today announced a licensing agreement with Nokia, the world's leader in mobile communications, to simplify and accelerate the creation and deployment of applications for Nokiaâs mobile handsets. This agreement marks the first time that the application server and development tools for Nokiaâs platform are available in one complete package.
Under the terms of the agreement, Lutris Enhydra 3.5, the companyâs Java/XML open source application server will ship with Nokiaâs suite of mobile development tools, including the Nokia WAP phone emulator, Nokia Activ Server as the WAP server, and the WAP toolkit. The Nokia Activ Server, the world's most recognized WAP server for the corporate market, allows mission-critical information from a website to be available on mobile devices. The WAP phone emulator runs in connection with a single user Nokia Activ Server, thus providing a real-life simulation environment for Enhydra developers. Developers will have complete access to Nokia Activ Server functionality, which allows them to check compiled size of decks and debug WML source by means of a complete WML 1.1 parser with visual error feedback. The combined solution will significantly reduce the development and deployment cycle of enterprise WAP applications.

âNew online access methods for the enterprise have gone far beyond traditional PCs and now include various portable and handheld devices, including WAP-enabled-handsets,â said Yancy Lind, president and CEO, Lutris Technologies. âOur agreement with Nokia makes possible a combined technology offering that creates a state-of-the-art multi-channel delivery platform to enable mobile transactions. The result is direct access from WAP handsets, via the Lutris Enhydra 3.5 application server, to back-end systems.â

In addition, Lutris has developed a two-day Wireless Training program focused on accelerating wireless development on the Nokia WAP platform. Lutris Wireless Training courses provide developers interested in the creation and delivery of wireless applications with the tools and experience necessary to serve content to wireless phones and other mobile devices. Further, Lutris has joined Nokiaâs WAP developer partner program, entitling Lutris to participate in developer education seminars and remain at the forefront of WAP developments.

âThe Nokia Activ Server is the world's most mature WAP software product for enterprises and managed service providers,â said Gerhard Romen, Vice President of Strategic Software, Nokia Internet Communications. âNokia welcomes the addition of the Lutris Enhydra open-source community, along with the training and expertise Lutris brings to wireless application development. The powerful combination of Lutris Enhydra 3.5 and the Nokia Toolkit allows developers to quickly and easily implement professional WAP services, which result in enhanced productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and rapid payback.â

About Lutris Technologies
Lutris Technologies, a leading open source enterprise software and services company, is the original developer and primary sponsor of Enhydra, a leading open-source Internet application server supporting Java, XML, and wireless technologies. Lutris offers a full range of support services and technical training to Lutris Enhydra customers and provides complete Internet consulting services, including strategy and development services, to the Enhydra community and to Internet-savvy businesses. Clients range from entrepreneurs and companies launching new Web ventures to Fortune 500 IT organizations growing their business with an online presence. Additional information about Lutris products and services is available at www.lutris.com."

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