Lutris Technologies announces availability of Lutris EAS 4


Author: JT Smith

Lutris Technologies Inc., a leading provider of JavaÔ/XML application server products for building a Web of Services?, today announced the immediate availability of Lutris EAS 4. Lutris EAS 4 delivers an enterprise quality J2EEÔ application server platform designed as a highly affordable platform for the wide range of business needs of ISVs, VARs, and end users. Lutris EAS 4 also introduces the Services Architecture, an industry-leading innovation that implements the J2EE services as pluggable modules, setting the stage for the delivery of modular Web Services and ISV/end-user applications developed as services.
Lutris EAS 4 is designed from the bottom up to meet the needs of ISVs targeting the widest market possible, and end-users seeking pervasive management and deployment control. Resting on a non-stop, operating system-like kernel for hot deployment, the Services Architecture incorporates the Java management extension (JMX) manageability into every service as well as full versioning of service components for complete configuration and product packaging control. EAS 4 provides a superior return on investment by placing control in the hands of its partners with an architecture designed for easy, modular upgrades, comprehensive application management as well as included “Customer Source” for the added security of source code transparency.

Lutris EAS 4 is an enterprise class platform, highlighted by Lutris DynaCluster, a service that delivers session level failover in EAS clusters for mission critical environments. Further, legacy enterprise Java applications can easily be implemented as services and imported into the EAS 4 environment, enjoying the same level of manageability as any other EAS service.

“IDC expects the application server market to grow from $2.1 billion in annual sales now to nearly $26 billion by 2005,” said Michele Rosen of IDC. “There’s a lot of room for movement and change, and a real opportunity for Lutris EAS as an ISV focused J2EE application server.”

The Lutris EAS Services Architecture offers the best of both worlds for those requiring J2EE APIs and those implementing application models for which J2EE has not been designed. Developers can create J2EE-style, short duration transactions with EJBs, then leverage the Services Architecture to implement the portions of their applications that require long duration, process intensive, event driven transactions. Lutris EAS makes it possible to support the next generation of application models such as CRM, ERP, Network and Systems Management (NSM) that require access to more systems resources than are made available by the standard J2EE request/response specification.

Lutris EAS’ modular architecture makes it an ideal platform for adding service-level Web Services enabled by SOAP and UDDI, which can run as manageable platform services on the Lutris EAS server. Similarly, incorporating the earlier wireless innovations of the industry leading Lutris Enhydra Java/XML application server, and Lutris wireless partnerships with Motorola, Nokia, Sun, Nextel and Cingular, Lutris EAS now represents the most comprehensive application server supporting wireless services such as J2ME, i-mode, WAP, HTML as well as other client protocols on top of Web services and J2EE services.

New Enterprise Java Capabilities

  • Complete support for the J2EE APIs such as
    o Enterprise Java Beans (EJB 1.1)
    o Java Management Extensions (JMX)
    o Java Authentication & Authorization (JAAS)
    o Java Messaging Service (JMS)

  • New support for dynamic load balancing, session level failover, and distributed management of clusters

    Includes Comprehensive Development and Deployment Tools

  • Comprehensive IDE integrations with Borland JBuilder and Sun Forte for Java
  • New Lutris Management Console with full JMX support enables MBean management and Virtual MBean creation

    To protect its customers’ investment, Lutris occupies a position on the expert group for the Java Services Framework (JSR-0000111), a Sun Java Community Process working group dedicated to the creation of dynamically extensible application server architectures such as Lutris EAS 4.

    Pricing & Availability
    Lutris EAS is shipping now and available for purchase from Lutris partners worldwide ( l) as well as directly from Lutris (

    Lutris EAS 4 is licensed for development at $995/user and for deployment at $4,495/CPU.

    About Lutris Technologies
    Lutris Technologies is a leading provider of Java/XML application server products for building a Web of Services?. Lutris leverages the worldwide Open Source process to combine industry standard technology with the freedom of innovation. The company’s mission is to deliver the highest value development and deployment platforms to our partners in the OEM, VAR, ISV and System Integrator community. Lutris offers a full range of product support, training and custom engineering services to its partners. Additional information about Lutris products, services and partner programs is available at, or call (877) 688-3724 (U.S. toll free), (831) 460-7590 or +44 1923 431669 in the United Kingdom.

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