June 1, 2005

LW Summit: Professor predicts open source revolt

Jack Loftus writes "At the LinuxWorld Summit, Columbia legal beagle Eben Moglen commandeered a panel on the future of open source licensing.

NEW YORK -- What began as a keynote panel on the evolving world of open source quickly escalated into a debate on the future of open source licensing when a professor of law and legal history at Columbia University took center stage.

Professor Eben Moglen, who also serves as general counsel for the Free Software Foundation, took charge of the final keynote panel at this year's LinuxWorld Summit after moderator Larry Tabb, founder and CEO of the Tabb Group, asked the panel to comment on the future and evolution of open source license models.

Moglen asked those in attendance to consider software in the same light as the "free" sciences of chemistry and mathematics, in that if you are trying to solve a problem, there is a plethora of research, information and partial solutions available free of charge from a community of like-minded individuals."

Link: SearchEnterpriseLinux.com


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