LXC (Linux Containers) 1.0 Released


The LXC (Linux Containers) development team has announced the release of LXC 1.0. It comes with lots of new features including fully unprivileged containers, a stable API (with a five-year commitment for security and bug fix updates), official bindings for Python, Lua, Go, and Ruby, support for cloning and snapshotting containers, and more. “LXC 1.0 features a wide variety of improvements to container security, a consistent set of tools, updated documentation and an API with multiple bindings. We are confident that this is the best LXC release yet and that our users will find it reliable and easy to use. A series of blog posts on LXC and LXC 1.0 features is also available: https://www.stgraber.org/2013/12/20/lxc-1-0-blog-post-series

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