November 14, 2002

Lycoris and Ericom Software Deliver Desktop/LX Int

Redmond, WA -- November 13, 2002 - Lycoris and Ericom Software team up to release Desktop/LX InterConnect, a simple corporate desktop with full office suite and outstanding host connectivity tools.Desktop/LX InterConnect features Ericom Software's native Linux PowerTerm InterConnect software, the Lycoris ProductivityPak office suite, and the Lycoris Remote Desktop Client. Desktop/LX InterConnect offers a substantial cost savings to enterprises looking for an affordable alternative to restrictive licensing on the desktop.

The Desktop/LX operating system exemplifies ease of use and has enjoyed glowing reviews from the technology press including Time Magazine, MSNBCi and PC World. Desktop/LX is a unified desktop operating system based on Linux and features an integrated Control Center, Desktop Sharing, File Sharing, Network Browsing and more. The Desktop/LX Network Browser works like Network Neighborhood to give corporate users access to Windows server shares via the standard SMB protocol. The new Desktop Sharing ability starts a VNC session from the desktop with a single click and allows Desktop/LX remote assistance and administration over the corporate network. Included for the first time in Desktop/LX InterConnect is the Lycoris RDP client which allows simple viewing of shared Windows desktops using Windows Terminal Server's standard RDP protocol.

According to Lycoris CTO and founder Joseph Cheek, "Desktop/LX InterConnect combines the clean, simple, familiar Desktop/LX user interface with connectivity tools for the enterprise. By integrating our existing networking tools, such as our SMB-aware Network Browser and our Desktop Sharing software, with support for Windows Terminal Server and host access via Ericom's PowerTerm InterConnect, we have created a solution for less than a third the cost of comparable Microsot products. Add to that our ProductivityPak office suite with native support for Microsoft Office file formats, and Desktop/LX InterConnect becomes a compelling software package for many corporate environments."

PowerTerm InterConnect Linux Edition is Ericom Software's proven host connectivity solution for organizations requiring fast and accurate access to legacy applications residing on IBM mainframe, AS/400, Digital, Unix, SCO, Data General, HP, Tandem and others. The PowerTerm InterConnect terminal emulator maximizes enterprise-wide productivity by enabling access from your Desktop/LX environment to accounting, inventory management, transaction processing and other mission-critical legacy applications.

"One of the challenges to successfully implementing Linux on the corporate desktop is gathering together all the required components and getting them to work together. Lycoris does just this in their Desktop/LX InterConnect product. Desktop/LX InterConnect means unified corporate productivity, right out of the box," said Eric Fernwood, Ericom VP of Sales and Marketing.

Desktop/LX InterConnect also includes the ProductivityPak office suite which offers excellent Microsoft Office document compatibility while maintaining an open standard for data by using the project as a base. A full-featured word processor, spreadsheet, presentation maker, and drawing program make the ProductivityPak a drop-in replacement for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For the first time, corporations with mainframe connectivity and desktop needs now have a familiar, power, and affordable desktop alternative with Desktop/LX InterConnect.

Features in Desktop/LX InterConnect include:

  • Desktop/LX Installer for easy client installation
  • Ericom PowerTerm InterConnect for Linux
  • ProductvityPak office suite
  • Lycoris Remote Desktop VNC and RDP client
  • Lycoris Desktop Sharing and Remote Assistance software
  • Mozilla 1.1 web browser and email client
  • Integrated configuration utilities which are part of the Desktop/LX OS, including the Desktop/LX Control Center
  • All installed from a single installation CD-ROM

This exciting new edition of Desktop/LX is available for immediate purchase from Ericom Software and Lycoris at a retail price of $199.95 USD. Per workstation cost savings versus typical solutions based on MSRP is over $700 or 400%. For sales information contact Ericom Software / +1 201-767-2210. or Lycoris sales at / +1 805 579-0444

About Lycoris

Lycoris, located in Redmond, Washington, was founded in 2000 with a vision of making Linux simple enough for anyone to use. Lycoris packages Open Source applications for the consumer market and integrates them into Desktop/LX, their simple, robust Linux desktop. Lycoris has enjoyed amazingly positive press coverage and has rocketed into the spotlight as the provider of Desktop/LX and the ProductivityPak office suite. For more information please visit the Lycoris website at

About Ericom

Ericom was founded in 1994 to address the emerging needs of organizations to access mission critical legacy applications residing on centralized host systems including IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, Digital, Data General, HP, Tandem and Unix. Ericom has become a leading provider of corporate connectivity, e-business, wireless and business-to-business solutions that extend the life of host and legacy data by creating Internet applications from existing host resources. Ericom develops, markets and supports a complete line of connectivity software products including the PowerTerm® series of terminal emulators. For more information please visit the Ericom Software website at

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