October 21, 2002

Lycoris and Transgaming say: Suddenly, Gamers don't need Windows

Jason Spisak writes: Continuing its leadership role in providing alternative desktop software, Lycoris partners with TransGaming to bring unprecedented cross-platform gaming into the hands of Desktop/LX users.�With the new Lycoris GamePak, Desktop/LX users gain simple installation of improved and enhanced Open Source games, plus the ability to play top Windows games, all in one box. Access to TransGaming's WineX software, which allows DirectX games to run on other platforms, will be included with the Lycoris GamePak, on retail store shelves this Holiday season.

"The Lycoris GamePak provides the topOpen Source games and Desktop/LX gives gamers an easy to use operating system," says Lycoris CTO and Founder Joseph Cheek. "The addition of TransGaming's WineX allows them to make a smoother transition to Desktop/LX.� Users can start enjoying Desktop/LX for serious gaming right away and continue to play the games they've already purchased."

Lycoris and TransGaming have reached an agreement that will also enable GamePak subscribers to get discounts on major Linux gaming titles such as TimeGate Studios' award winning game series Kohan, and promises to add value for users who move over to the Desktop/LX platform during the holidays.� Lycoris sees this as an important step to offering a viable alternative to Windows and giving gamers the excitement and action they expect.

"This partnership expands the ability for Linux gamers to play the hottest, high-twitch titles like never before and TransGaming is pleased to be working with Lycoris to offer Desktop/LX users this must-have gaming capability. The inclusion of TransGaming's technology that brings the ability to play blockbuster games with rich graphics, dynamic sound and exciting game-play experience to the Lycoris GamePak is an important advancement. We are pleased to welcome Lycoris to our diverse network of industry partners and look forward to future collaborations," remarks Vikas Gupta, TransGaming's President and COO.

About Lycoris.

Lycoris, located in Redmond, Washington, was founded in 2000 with a vision of making Linux simple enough for anyone to use. Lycoris packages Open Source applications for the consumer market and integrates them into Desktop/LX, their simple, robust Linux desktop. Lycoris has enjoyed amazingly positive press coverage and has rocketed into the spotlight as
the provider of Desktop/LX and the ProductivityPak office suite. For more information please visit the Lycoris website at http://www.lycoris.com

About TransGaming Technologies.

TransGaming has created the dominant software portability solution that allows game developers and publishers to develop games for one system and deploy them simultaneously on other platforms faster, cheaper and better than anyone else. TransGaming has recently developed strategic relationships with the world's premier game developer and publisher Electronic Arts; games developer TimeGate Studios, Macrovision, among others. TransGaming has licensed the world's top selling game, EA's The Sims, and shipped an optimized Linux version just eight weeks after receiving source code. TransGaming's technology keeps pace with the release of the hottest and most recent PC titles, including support for hit games such as Warcraft III, Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto 3, Diablo 2, and many more. Founded in May 2000, TransGaming's R&D centre resides in Ottawa, Canada, with business, strategy, and operational activities conducted at the Toronto, Canada office. Visit the TransGaming web site at http://www.transgaming.com

Copyright (c) 2002 Lycoris. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to reproduce this release in its entirety provided that no modifications are made and this Copyright notice is preserved in full. Lycoris, Desktop/LX and GamePak are Trademarks of Redmond Linux Corp. Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 Lycoris All Rights Reserved. All trademarks are property of their respaective owners.

Link: Lycoris.com


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