January 17, 2003

Lycoris and Transgaming unveil the GamePak gaming suite

January 16th, 2003 -- The hot new Lycoris GamePak gaming suite including 5 full action-packed games in the trademark Lycoris easy install package, plus access to WineX, TransGaming Technologies' cross platform gaming software that gives users the ability to play over 150 Windows games on Desktop/LX, is now available for pre-purchase...

Lycoris is applying its unique brand of polish and simplification to five of the top Open Source Linux games in a simple to install, supported package. The GamePak includes Racer, Possible Worlds, BZFlag, FreeCiv, and Falcon's Eye. BZFlag offers first person tank battle action, with networked play for an intense, online experience. Racer puts users in the driver's seat of the hottest cars, with high definition graphics for realistic racing action and uses real car physics to provide a true, high speed feeling. Smoke, skidmarks, sparks, sun, flares and vertex-color lit tracks enhance the realism. Possibile Worlds offers 3D, underwater action from the cockpit of a futuristic submersible. Multiple missions and artificially intelligent enemies enhance dog fights in the deep. FreeCiv grants users the ultimate power as rulers of their own civilization where the goal is to build cultures over thousands of years, defend boarders, conquer neighbors, or win the space race for supreme victory. For the dungeon gamer, Falcon's Eye pits users' wits against the dark dungeon and it's denizens as they explore the cavernous mazes that are randomly generated for unique play every time.

"Games have always been one of the main uses for the home PC. Desktop/LX users now have a high-octane option for turning their PC into a game station using our OS," explains Mike Weltz, Sales Director for Lycoris. "Breaking down barriers which allow users to use Desktop/LX as their primary home OS is what Lycoris is all about, and Transgaming's WineX coupled with our games for $34.95 doesn't just kick the door down, it blows the hinges off."

This exciting, new Pak from Lycoris includes access to TransGaming's WineX cross-platform gaming technology for one free month . "Not only will GamePak users experience rivetting action in blockbusters like Warcraft� III, Grand Theft Auto 3�, Diablo� II and Max Payne�," states TransGaming's Director of Marketing Cathy Tanner, "each new WineX release adds the latest and hottest games to the over 150-title list available today."

This thrilling, new product is available for immediate pre-order from the Lycoris store at http://www.lycoris.com/store/

System Requirements

  • Desktop/LX Operating System
  • 350 MHz processor, 500 MHz or faster recommended
  • 64 MB RAM, 128 MB or more recommended
  • 100 MB of available hard drive space
  • Keyboard and mouse or other compatible input device
  • SuperVGA resolution monitor
  • OpenGL accelerated video card for best performance
  • Internet access and network play requires ISP and supported modem or network card
  • Audio playback requires supported sound card

About Lycoris

Lycoris, located in Redmond, Washington, was founded in 2000 with a vision of making Linux simple enough for anyone to use. Lycoris packages Open Source applications for the consumer market and integrates them into Desktop/LX, their simple, robust Linux desktop. Lycoris has enjoyed amazingly positive press coverage and has rocketed into the spotlight as the provider of Desktop/LX and the ProductivityPak office suite. For more information please visit the Lycoris website at www.lycoris.com.

About TransGaming Technologies

TransGaming has created the dominant software portability solution that allows game developers and publishers to develop games for one system and deploy them simultaneously on other platforms faster, cheaper and better than anyone else. TransGaming has recently developed strategic relationships with the world's premier game developer and publisher Electronic Arts; games developer TimeGate Studios, Macrovision, among others. TransGaming has licensed the world's top selling game, EA's The Sims, and shipped an optimized Linux version just eight weeks after receiving source code. TransGaming's technology keeps pace with the release of the hottest and most recent PC titles, including support for hit games such as Warcraft III, Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto 3, Diablo 2, and many more. Founded in May 2000, TransGaming's R&D centre resides in Ottawa, Canada, with business, strategy, and operational activities conducted at the Toronto, Canada office. Visit the TransGaming web site at www.transgaming.com



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